FibreMax™ (420g) Powder


Natural fibre food powder

By adding fibre to your diet, you support:

  • Normal regular and healthy bowel function – stools are bulkier and softer
  • Healthy bacterial flora in the intestines
  • Healthy cholesterol levels
  • Healthy blood sugar
  • Weight management. Fibre makes you feel fuller to support a normal appetite and discourage overeating.

New Image FibreMax™ formula is a combination of five prebiotics. These are not digested by upper intestinal enzymes, but pass into the colon where they support natural growth of beneficial bacteria that are involved in the digestive process.

Key Features:

Forms part of the Alpha Lipid™ Ultra Diet™ 2 Weight Management Programme

A blend of both soluble and insoluble fibre, the ingredients have been shown to:

  • Support healthy blood glucose
  • Support gut health and digestive comfort
  • Support bowel health and regularity
  • Natural support to manage a normal appetite
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Active Ingredients:

Each 15g serve provides 12.5g of fibre from:

  • Chicory root extract
  • Psyllium
  • Soy fibre
  • Oat bran
  • Pectin


Take 15g (2 scoops) 1-2 times daily

Contains Gluten and Soy products

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Weight 420 g