King C Vitamin Plus (120) Tablets


Digestive comfort & Immune support

Key Features:

Made with GMO-free, pesticide and herbicide free Aloe Vera leaf inner gel and uniquely processed to ensure that the biological activity is retained. Each batch contains a standardised level of key polysaccharides.

Now with added New Zealand active Manuka honey which not only provides the delicious flavour, but is also well known to support your body’s natural wound healing process and your immune system.

  • Supports digestive and bowel comfort.
  • Supports healthy immunity.


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Key Features:

Buffered with dolomite so gentle on the stomach

Supports a healthy, responsive immune system

Supports the fight against winter ills and chills

Vitamin C’s antioxidant action helps protect and supports cellular health


Take 1-2 tablet daily for general health and wellbeing

Additional tablets may be taken during times of increased need, we recommend no more than 6 tablets daily unless otherwise prescribed

High doses may have a laxative effect

Vitamins are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet.