Turbo Shaker


The Turbo Shaker is an ideal mixing container for the Alpha Lipid Lifeline, Ultra Diet 2  and FibreMax shakes. Simply add the powder to the water, close the lid tightly, put a finger over the air hole and shake for up to 10 seconds. Pour the shake  into a glass and rinse the container

Turbo Shaker is the quickest, easiest way to completely blend any combination of liquids and solids without the use of electricity or cumbersome mechanical instruments.

Key Features:

Forms part of the Alpha Lipid™ Ultra Diet™ 2 Weight Management Programme


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Whether you are making a nutritional shake, salad dressing, milk shake or mixing baby formula, the turbo shaker is the shaker of choice.

Turbo Shaker’s patented fins are located on the bottom of the shaker and on its lid. The fins guarantee a thorough mixing of your favourite concoction with less air, reducing bloating. Try one today!